Terms & Conditions


J3 Competition upholds the strictest security certificate for secure shopping and financial transactions are kept secure.  We only house information required for your actual account and shipping details, you will be emailed to stay current on delivery status, specials, and general product notifications.  We take privacy very seriously and your information is never sold or distributed to any third party.

Shipping Policy:

Shipments are processed through UPS unless otherwise noted.  Should damage to products during your shipment occur, the purchaser is responsible for contacting UPS directly and filing a claim.  We are not liable for delays in shipping based on weather or any other issues by UPS or any other shipping company utilized.


All items purchased will be paid in full prior to shipment.  J3 Competition accepts all major credit cards and requires all correct billing, exp, and ccv codes during the transaction process.

J3 Competition does not ship internationally unless the purchaser has or develops an approved account.  This is to ensure that both parties are not subject to fraudulent foreign transactions.


J3 accepts returns on items which are only in ‘new’ condition or ‘unused’ and have been authorized by J3 Competition Inc. All returns accepted will be subject to a 25% restocking fee and the purchaser will be responsible for return shipping to J3 Competition.  The Returns process will be completed once the returned items have been received at J3 Competition and the restocking fee has been paid.

Product Representation:

Products for sale are accurate with part number and pricing, photos may vary slightly from the actual product.  These variations are slight and normally in ‘shade’ of color or other insignificant characteristics.


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