Rotax Technical Documents

Rotax Max Sr. evo 125
30+ Horsepower Designed for ages 15+
Rotax MY20 evo 125
Micro & Mini version designed for long-life & high performance
Rotax Max Jr. evo 125
23+ Horsepower for drivers looking for excitement

Latest Technical Updates & Notifications

MY20 Overview

Micro & Mini Max MY20 FYI Document
Did You KNOW

MY20 Mini Fact Sheet

MY20 Mini Full Dyno Overview

MY20 Micro Fact Sheet

MY20 Micro Full Dyno Overview

Engine Tuning

General Tips on Max Jr. | Sr. | DD2 Engine Settings
Tuning Tips

Misfire Prevention

Insight on how to prevent any misfires
Tech tip

Function Switch

Operational Instructions & Longevity
tech tip

NGK Spark Plug Update

Clarifications & General Updates
tech tip

Crankshaft Tolerance

Discover the correct tolerance for assembly
tech tip

News Coming

New Release to be posted

MY20 Tuning Tips

General Tips for MY20 Micro & MY20 Mini

Rotax Engine Serial Number / Seal Check

Discover if your engine is eligible for competition.


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