No, I don’t drive her to win, I just drive her as fast as she will go.


Since 2005 the Race Department has taken part in events across the globe earning key results in all aspects.  The premise of this sector of the business has always been rooted in providing the highest quality materials while quantifying the best decisions through stringent processes where we limit the number of members to ensure our quality is never compromised.  With its structure introduced well ahead of its time, the internal workings provide young and all aged drivers the structure, materials and ability to compete at the highest level with unmatched confidence.

The program is 100% custom from the standpoint of meeting the clients desires and goal sets, assuming the core objectives align with the teams operations.  Alongside the programs availability, drivers are matched with high-quality teammates for accurate data correlation as well as unmatched experienced management, which drives decisions top-down with full inclusion in the process from team members. 

 Finally, each driver is aligned with a mechanic that is brand loyal while following internal processes to ensure consistency and quality, which in-turn drives results and progression for the entire team.  Development is a two-fold strategy at J3 Competition as the marriage between driver and material development are symbiotic. Drivers are introduced to specific materials that provide improved performance while the drivers themselves are trained with technical and mental tactics allowing them to enhance their performances. 



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