Unmatched Experience and Commitment 

COMPKART Race Department boasts one of the most professional and well organized infrastructures in the world of Karting. Composed of a unique and dedicated management structure coupled with technicians that are well-versed, COMPKART has a team of products and processes that lead directly to quantifiable results for every team member. The Race Department is a full-time entity that is dedicated to providing the best technical ‘know-how’ and driver management.

Our resume spans over Fourteen years with success across the world including capturing nearly every imaginable win and championship in the sports highest series in North America and around the world with the COMPKART brand. Our pedigree includes many of the top names within the sport over the past years and our intention is to keep  our tradition for the future as well! The Race Department’s story is evident and the message portrayed is even more clear – WINNING!

For 2019, our team will take part in the following series (SKUSA, Rotax USA and Rotax International Events),. Please review our 2019 schedule and  contact our offices and find out how you can join the most professional race team in Karting .

Join Our Race Department

First, check your local area to see if there is a valued COMPKART partner that can assist you testing in one of our chassis.  If you are already a COMPKART owner and looking for national and international competition outside your local area, we ask that you review our official schedule of events including the locations, organizations and dates.  If all or some of our events line-up with your desires than please contact our offices to receive a custom tailored program; technical@j3competition.com | john@j3competition.com | 1 814 864 1846.



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