#RMCGF20 Day 4 – Kart Raffle 

October 20, 2019

Arguably the biggest and most exciting day in Karting worldwide – Rotax Grand Finals kart raffle!  Near 360 chassis were all successfully raffled off to competitors from around the world from chassis manufacturers; COMPKART, BirelArt, Sodi Kart and Praga Karts.  The raffle is quickly concluded by the drivers and mechanics taking their chassis to the main tent to complete the following setup details:

  • Seat Mounting

  • Weight Mounting

  • Tire Mounting

  • Final Detail work

TEAM USA worked methodically after the kart rental with all the members working together to complete the final chassis setup.  The communication flow was strong with some big names working together on not only the mounting of the materials, but strategy of the first day of track activity which should bode well for a rapid team development.

“Today is always one that offers the most excitement, when you see the chassis on the grid ready for the raffle you have to be amazed, period.  I was really happy with the cohesion of the team and the morale, with a unique style of management the team has really bonded and the expectation for this years team is very high. Seeing the best our country has to offer wearing their collective team gear representing the Stars & Stripes of America alongside such a unified attitude it was a proud day for all of American Karting.” — Justin Stefani

About J3 Competition J3 Competition is an American based distribution and competition product resale company that focuses on the sector of high-performance kart racing. With a tenure being recognized as a world leader in the development of the karting industry, J3 Competition is the United States distributor of BRP-Rotax products designed for kart racing including; Rotax, XPS lubricants, MoJo tires additionally hosting Rotax Grand Finals Ticket events under the ‘Stars & Stripes’ brand. www.RaceRotax.com | @J3Competition | #RaceRotax | +1 184 864 1846 | Info@J3Competition.com


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