MoJo Tires & XPS Oil – CIK Homologated

December 23, 2019

We are proud to inform that all MOJO tire models passed the CIK Homologation along with the XPS oils valid immediately from competitions ranging from 2000 – 2020.  The homologation of these products show again the development and commitment by both brands to be leaders among the international karting scene.

MoJo has homologated its new range of tires from slicks to wet tires with the following models:

  • Wet Tire – W5

  • Slick Med-Hard – D2XX [Option]

  • Slick Medium – D5 [Prime]

XPS Oil homologated:

  • XPS 2T Lubricant (engine oil)

Please contact our offices if you have any inquires regarding these products:

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