MoJo Tire Report #2

Stars & Stripes Trophy Event

Date: May 17-19

The first official Rotax Stars & Stripes event took place at Utah Motorsports Campus this past weekend, May 17-19 with undeniable success.  The event was hosted by J3 Competition utilizing the MoJo tire for all categories with a combination of the new revitalized D2 and D5 slick tire compounds.  With mixed weather the drivers were also able to utilize the #MoJo wet tire (MoJo W3) as a portion of practice and qualifying was under ‘rain’ conditions.

Competitors were only given one set of slicks to manage from Qualifying onward, and with full dry conditions after qualifying that equated to nearly 75 laps of competition on a single set of slicks.  The competitors had tremendously positive feedback on the tires as not only the grip level(s) were sustainable even in unfavorable conditions, but the consistency of the tire was really at a remarkable level for all competitors.

One competitor had this to say:

“I haven’t been on the MoJo tire for a long time and I was pleasantly surprised not only at the grip level but how consistent the tire is. It’s amazing, the consistency, also the tire has a high-grip feel in the center of the corner which really favors drivers who have the experience so, I like that and being able to make the difference as a driver.”

Event Timing Facts:

*Due to Rain, Qualifying times have been omitted.

Sr. Max              Best Time           In Lap  

Heat 1                 59.304                7

Heat 2                 59.111                4

Heat 3                 59.31                  10

Prefinal               58.982                12

Final                    59.05                  10

Micro/Mini        Best Time           In Lap  

Heat 1                 1:05.472             3

Heat 2                 1:05.001             5

Heat 3                 1:04.925             5

Prefinal               1:04.646             13

Final                    1:04.716             7

Masters              Best Time           In Lap  

Heat 1                 1:00.482             4

Heat 2                 1:00428              7

Heat 3                 1:00.550             10

Prefinal               1:00.397             16

Final                    1:00.507             22

Jr. Max               Best Time           In Lap 

Heat 1                 1:00.729             6

Heat 2                 1:00.745             3

Heat 3                 1:00.356             4

Prefinal               1:00.506             3

Final                    1:00.711             4            *damp/windy

DD2                     Best Time           In Lap  

Heat 1                 58:696  4

Heat 2                 58:790  5

Heat 3                 58.726  6

Prefinal               59.007  18

Final                    58.879  14          *damp/windy


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