Grand Finals COMPKART Mini Max Chassis Sale!

September 13, 2019

We are quickly approaching the 2019 Rotax Grand Finals which will mark the event’s 20th year anniversary!  COMPKART will be the chassis represented  in the Mini Max category.  The chassis used at the Grand Finals will available for purchase at the immediate conclusion of the event through our network.  The chassis details follow: 

  • Model – Ranger 28 (Standard Configuration per price guide)

  • Brake System – RR self-adjusting (homologated) 

  • Bodywork – 2020 KG+FL system

  • Wheels – 115 (direct) + 150 International / (USA 130 + 130)

  • Engine Kit – 2020+ Mini Max Kit complete (with sprocket, chain, Etc)

  • Chassis are Assembled less/tires

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