COMPKART Releases ‘Ranger’ Brand Icon

October 2, 2019

With the 20th annual Rotax Grand Finals set to kick-off in just three weeks time, COMPKART will be stepping on the world stage for the first time with its Ranger model cadet chassis.  The event will not only mark the brands inclusion into the event as a chassis partner but also marks its renewed focus moving forward on the cadet market of karting.  With focus for all cadet categories the brand has developed is ‘Ranger’ icon which is dedicated to the new program, brings a fun and fresh campaign of activities to signify this renewed focus of efforts.

“We have been working in the cadet market with measurable success since our inception and with the inclusion of our chassis at the Rotax Grand Finals we felt the timing is perfect to kick-off our new ‘Ranger’ campaign.  Our cadet chassis line which is focused on all cadet categories from Rotax to the popular L206 program will now have its own dedicated brand ICON.  Our new ‘Ranger’ showcases the common kart driver with our vibrant livery and action as well as underscoring elements of fast and fair competition.” — J3 Competition

The brand will be heavily on display in Sarno, Italy at the Rotax Grand Finals and will continue forward with exciting new activation’s dedicated to this specific platform.  The Ranger line of chassis are available for all two-cycle applications underscored by the Ranger-28 model chassis with its unique geometry and handling characteristics, whereby competitors can also purchase the Ranger-28C dedicated for the popular L206 categories.   The entire cadet chassis line is in-stock and comes standard with the highest quality components as well as matching livery to the brands full size models.  You can view the Ranger-28 HERE

Chassis Specifications
Wheelbase 950 mm
Axle 30x5x960
Brake System Self-Adjusting (1RR)
Wheels Magnesium
Seat Fiberglass – Extra Soft
Stub Axle 17×155 mm
Fuel Tank 3.5 L
Steering Wheel 320 mm
Ride Height Adjustable
Bodywork FL + KG
Stickers Complete Racing Collection


COMPKART is the original and proprietary chassis line by J3 Competition.  Designed with unique technical offerings as well as sharp aesthetics, COMPKART has been leading the way since its CIK/FIA homologation –  34/CH/20.  With several titles both nationally and internationally already under its umbrella, it’s no wonder why the brand continues to spread across the globe with enormous success backed by the brands unparalleled service.  Contact the staff for International Distribution details as well as Race Department inquires.


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