COMPKART Nederland Formed!

COMPKART Nederland Formed!

January 29, 2021

COMPKART is pleased to announce the addition of COMPKART Nederland to its global distribution network.  The newly branded operation will be the continuation of the longtime successful operation of Lennaert and Jarno Vennink of Vennink Racing.  With a successful online sales platform coupled with track-side support as well as a full race operation the brand will look to continue success across the Netherlands as well as Belgium alongside COMPKART.

“We are excited to have Lennaert and Jarno join our brand and continue their strong work in the region with COMPKART.  Both are very passionate and knowledgeable about the sport which are critical in the success of our joint mission in Europe”, stated sales manager Jim Giacomelli.

COMPKART Nederland can be reached at:

Lennaert Vennink

+316 830 760 76 |

Jarno Vennink

+316 144 952 62 |


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