2019 Rotax Grand Finals Recap – COMPKART

The close to the 20th annual Rotax Grand Finals came in dramatic fashion on this past Saturday in Sarno, Italy with racing for the win in nearly every category coming down to the thousandth of a second!  With over 360 drivers from nearing 60 countries the showcase was remarkable as the competitors were rewarded with remarkable weather for the entire event, with the location uniquely situated at the foot of the most famous Mt. Vesuvius!  Likewise the pictures and event were enhanced by the ‘Fluo’ of the COMPKART brand which was dedicated to the intermediate drivers who enjoyed not only the amazing livery, but the performance and unmatched service from the COMPKART staff!

For COMPKART the event started physically months prior as the planning of logistics, marketing materials, and production had to be in place to ensure a seamless event for the young drivers and with a strong production partner (BA) this was achieved.  The staff arrived approximately five days prior to the chassis raffle to begin unpacking, staging and organizing all the materials for drivers at the event.  With a total of 36 complete Ranger28-19 model chassis paired with the 2020 Rotax MY20 Mini Max engine kit no detail was left unattended to.

“We are very pleased with how our first Rotax Grand Finals went, the drivers all showed remarkable adaptability and really had a positive note about the chassis performance.  Additionally we received overwhelmingly positive response for our service and attention to detail for the drivers performance as well.” — Management

The Mini Max category enjoyed six practice sessions followed by a timed qualification, two heat races, one pre-final and exciting photo finish final!  The category was controlled by the drivers from France, Holland and Australia with the young French drivers taking a one-two finish and the young Australian taking the last step on the box for the land down under.  The conclusion of the event proved that the material and offering from COMPKART provides the performance without compromise to the drivers giving the highest quality feeling and offering from the initial sessions, this is something commented heavily on from the competitor tuners.

“We did not know what to think coming into the event as we have no experience with COMPKART in our country, of course everyone is in the same situation, but still….Once we saw the chassis the quality and then worked with the staff and once we went on the track the chassis immediately was working in a beautiful way, so it was really amazing.”   Netherlands Mechanic

“We were excited  and not sure also because you never know the material, but after the first session I asked who is the distributor in France? because the chassis is incredible and it is working so perfect already moving and flexing correctly under force.” French Mechanic

COMPKART would like to send its sincere thank you to all the drivers who competed and made the event so special for everyone who attended.  With a few chassis left from the event, interested parties are encouraged to contact J3 Competition to receive pricing and availability directly our through the brands network.  COMPKART is also looking for driver who will be the next winning #Ranger driver around the world, so please all interested drivers reach out to COMPKART at Technical@Competition.com


COMPKART is the original and proprietary chassis line by J3 Competition.  Designed with unique technical offerings as well as sharp aesthetics, COMPKART has been leading the way since its CIK/FIA homologation –  34/CH/20.  With several titles both nationally and internationally already under its umbrella, it’s no wonder why the brand continues to spread across the globe with enormous success backed by the brands unparalleled service.  Contact the staff for International Distribution details as well as Race Department inquires.


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